A Crush. You could say this certain word to someone and a whole mountain of memories comes barreling down your lane. What is a crush? Why do we have them? A crush makes you feel the most devastating, disturbing, crushing, feeling in the world. In. The. World. Yet you’re not scared to acknowledge that you have a crush. It’s just yes I like that person. That person might as well not even know of your existence. That person might be your best friend. Either way that person will crush you. They will make you want to punch the significant other that they are dating. They will give your heart that pounding feeling. That pounding feeling that makes you literally feel your heartbeat come to life. Do you know that feeling? That feeling is a feeling that I am all too familiar with. Crushes have crushed me. On here I will probably vaguely talk about a guy that I have had a crush on. It is not your regular “I like him every moment” crush. Is that even a thing? No, this guy is beyond complicated. I think writing vaguely and anonymously about him will help me get over him. Did I mention I’m trying to get over him? Well yeah I might vaguely post about him from time to time without even acknowledging I’m vaguely posting about him. I think I am using the word vaguely a lot. But don’t worry my blog will not center around this boy.. I am not that kind of person. Just your average girl with the run of the mill crush.


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