People say that change is good. Without change how will you grow into the person that you will become in the future? I mean I get that part and I accept it but I will never get used to change. Change is like my frenemy. I like it, yet I hate it. Yes I know it’s a little “stubborn” to hate change. But I just do. I mean you imagine seeing that group of people that you love everyday then you just don’t anymore. That’s the kind of change I hate. Or when one of my best friends started acting differently and it was just kind of weird for me. That’s the kind of change I hate. This week my dad decided to get rid of our carpet floor and make it into hardwood. I got sentimental over carpet. That’s how much I hate change. But in some cases change is good. I mean if I still had that same hairstyle that I had in 5th grade I might not be able to look at myself in the mirror. In this case I do not hate change. It just takes a while to get accustomed to change. You know? I mean change in a person. It’s very hard getting used to the new them. Imagine seeing them in this one hairstyle all your life then all of a sudden they decide to change that. It’s different. It’s change. But yet, months later you get used to it. You get used to change. I don’t know when it happens. But it just happens. And you begin to become ok with it. Change in a person is like the carpet story. Ok so take this metaphor while you go. Change is like when your house gets a renovation. Your house looks different yet it’s still the same foundation. Trust me I will probably never get used to change, but where would this world be without change?


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