Strength is a big word. It could mean a lot of things. There’s mental strength, physical strength, emotional strength. Well the strength that I’m talking about today is mental strength. In short, mental strength means able to maintain your ground in tough circumstances. Mental strength is very hard and takes a lot out of you. It takes emotion and courage. Mental strength is hard to keep up sometimes, because of all the obstacles in the way. Even if you don’t have the muscles on your arms, if you have mental strength You Are Very Strong. You’re able to keep your cool in trying situations. That’s hard for some people. But if you can do it. You are strong. And keep staying strong. Don’t give in. Why? Because you have come this far in your journey and you did not run the mile to give up at the last second. And if you give in sometimes that’s ok.

Just remember that you got the strength and you can do it.df755e65a333f39bc548ae838d1bdd44


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