I Don’t Only Miss You.. I Miss Me

Boy I miss you, said I really do, boy I miss you
Now I understand that we’re better together

I miss him. We don’t go to the same school anymore. So it’s different. We go to the same church. But it’s still different. We don’t really talk anymore. A few months after school ended he told me he missed me. He asked me if I missed him. I couldn’t respond. Like it wasn’t obvious enough. Now 11 months later and he can’t even look me in the eye when he passes me by. It hurts. I still miss him. He has a girlfriend. It’s good that he’s happy. But I don’t only miss him. I miss the person that I was when I was with him. I miss myself too. I was different, in a way, when I was with him. I didn’t have to be fake or anything. I didn’t have to impress him. I just had to be myself. And in a way he accepted that. He would say something witty traced with smugness. He would even have this signature smirk. And I would sass him. I don’t know it was just our thing. If I didn’t sass him then I wouldn’t be me in the conversation, and he would notice that. I’ll just miss that. I’ll miss me. It’s sad to think that you’ll never talk to someone again. You can remember the last words that you said to them. Or the month you said them in. I guess these are the life lessons that are taught without anyone actually teaching them to you. People help find out who you are as a person. Maybe they point out something you do that you didn’t even notice. I strongly believe that people are put in your life for a reason, not as a mistake. And I’ll probably always miss him. Maybe I was destined to miss him.


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