If You Can, Tell Them

We’ve all had our fair share of crushes. And we’ve all really really wanted to tell them that we liked them. But it was never the right moment, or you never had much courage, or you probably created the worst scenario in your head where they reject you in the most harsh way possible. But let me tell you something. If you have enough courage or even a small amount of courage, tell them. Tell them that their smile brightens your day and it’s the only thing that gets you through the day. Tell them that their laugh is the most angelic sound that you have ever heard. Tell them. What’s the worst that could happen? They could reject you like in your scenario? I am 99% sure that that won’t happen. If it might happen why are you going after someone that could hurt you? But seriously don’t be scared of what might happen. And even if they don’t feel the same way at least you could know that you had enough courage to tell them, and it’s like a weight off your shoulders. And hey maybe it might work out, you could find another source of happiness. How great does that sound? But telling them will never hurt as much as NOT telling them. Trust me, I know. I have to wonder every day what if. What if I told them how I felt? I almost always play that game in my head. And I probably always pester my friends about what could’ve happened and the “signs.” Don’t do that to yourself. If you wanna know if they like you, ask. If you wanna tell them, say the words like it’s a breezy presentation. Just don’t keep wondering what if. Because it haunts you forever.


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