Coincidence or..?

Coincidences are very cool yet freaky at the same time. Like if someone has the same birthday as you. Or you’re wearing the same t-shirt as your best friend. What about coincidences in the form of fate? Do you believe in fate? Do you believe things happen for a reason? That they were just meant to be? Or do you just believe it was just a coincidence you both just ended up in the same place at the same time? For a while I didn’t really believe in fate. I just thought it was one of those romantic movie cliches. But now I sort of believe in fate. I mean some things are still mysteries to me, but that’s normal. I even began to understand that i wanted to mask fate with coincidence. Because I really didn’t want to believe that someone walked into my life then crushed it for a reason. Then I realized maybe it’s all part of a plan. A bigger one. A path. A path where the journey is your life. Fate might be a minor detail or it might be the big picture. Either way you cannot blame everything on coincidence.


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