This Summer I’m Going to…

It’s funny. Whenever we get near summer we always make all these plans. “Well I’m gonna be productive and clean my room.” “I’m gonna get my license.” “I’m gonna go do all these bucket list things with my friends this summer.” Then it’s 1 week until summer. You slowly start breathing and that list gets bigger with even more plans. Then in a blink of an eye: It’s summer. And that list has suddenly become forgotten. Or it’s a doubtful list. Because You know that that stuff is never gonna happen. Then suddenly you’re cooped up in your bed most of the week with your laptop or phone. And you can’t remember what day it is. We always make a list of things that we’re gonna do for the summer. The list that we never fulfill. The list that we want to complete but we just get lazy. Then suddenly it’s July and you freak because summer is creeping to its’ end. And August rolls by and you’re just having heart palpitations. Because you realize. That was your whole summer. So is it your plan to finish your summer list this summer? I’m gonna at least tryyy. But no promises.


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