I Stopped and Started

Somewhere along the way I stopped counting the months since I last talked to you. I stopped repeating the last few words you said to me in my head. I stopped caring who you would flirt with. I stopped wondering what you were doing. I stopped hoping that you would say hello or glance my way. I stopped smiling when I thought of the memories. I stopped looking to see if you had changed more. I stopped hoping there was a chance. I stopped subtlety trying to impress you. I stopped trying to make you jealous. I stopped having dreams about you and hoping for a future. I stopped pining after you. I stopped liking you.

I started seeing life in a new light without you. I started loving myself and seeing beauty in the mirror. I started a new chapter instead of sticking to the old one. I started moving on. I started being happy. I started walking away when you would come around. I started getting advice from others.. and following it. I started seeing the people that actually care and love me. I started seeing reality. I started to see the flaws in you. I started to see why you would be a bad path. I started getting used to the new you. I started getting used to you ignoring me. I started a new life without you. I started to see the sun shining without you, instead of a rain cloud. I started getting over you.


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