Realization Creeping

Does realization ever creep up on you? Let me spell it out more. Imagine that you’re in a coffee shop staring out the window, then you see a car almost get into an accident. Then suddenly you remember your uncle getting into a car accident and passing away. (I’m SO sorry for the sad visualization) And then you realize that THAT thing ACTUALLY happened. That person in your life is actually gone. You’ve moved past it, but then realization creeps up on you and makes you remember everything. I remember when my great aunt (my grandma’s sister) died about 10 months ago. We were really close so it struck me to the core. I’ve moved on with life without her, it was hard but anyway. There’s this one song that reminds me of her and it came on and realization just crept up on me that she was gone. Then flashbacks of her funeral just came back to me. You know that feeling when you find out a person dies then you just remember every memory of their interaction with you, then it’s hard to believe that they’re gone? I think realization is like an alarm clock. It wakes you up and always brings you back to reality. OK how about a more non-death visualization? How about when you see a person you know that doesn’t talk to you anymore. Suddenly you start to think about the good moments and memories that you had with them. Then realization has to cut your “going down memory lane movie” short because realization brings you back to reality. IS realization creeping up on you a bad or good thing? I’m not very sure at the moment. Realization does bring us back to reality. But I like to just imagine and remember the past sometimes.


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