Don’t Bottle It up

Bottling up feelings is not fun. Trust me. You might think it’s ok in the moment, not to bother anyone with your problems. But it actually affects you in so many ways. The feelings start trying to claw their way out and it hurts. Because you don’t want to tell anyone. Then suddenly you might start acting angry towards people you love, and giving them the silent treatment. And you cry yourself to sleep. And you start considering all these things “normal.” When it really shouldn’t be. You shouldn’t be “used to it.” Bottling up feelings is the worst thing ever. You have that feeling that you have no one to talk to. That no one would take time out of their day to listen to your “stupid” situation. Or you’ve been bottling up feelings up for so long that the thought of telling someone else is unbelievable. Tell them anyway. There are people in this world that want to listen and help. You just have to find them. Or notice them. But do not bottle up feelings. It hurts so much. So much you feel lonely in a world full of people. Bottling up feelings gets you nowhere. You want someone to understand you? Tell them. Tell them what’s bothering you. Don’t get used to it. There’s someone out there who was made to understand, just for you.


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