The Lonely “She”

She’s alone. Trying to figure out where it all went wrong. Or if it had always been wrong and she has just now noticed. Life is a struggle. She tries to carry the weight of it. But it’s coming down on her. Her demons are being released. She goes to bed thinking of a reason to stay in the overbearing world that she lives in. She sees people with smiles and wonders how to achieve that. No one notices that she’s falling apart. She won’t let them notice. She doesn’t have the strength to respond to “pity.” She’s never realized how alone she was til now. Since that empty row of chairs was next to her. Since no one was holding her hand to survive. Since “loneliness” has become a personality trait for her. People treat her like a used towel. She still wonders how she survived this long. Every time she falls apart she wonders. Wonders about reckless thoughts. She wonders “Should I go or should I stay?”


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