Let Me Fly

I’m confined in a box.

There are handcuffs around my wrists.

When will you let me out of the cage?

I’m trapped in a nation of freedom under the eyes of restriction.

When can I fly?

Would you please let me fly?

I don’t even know what color my wings are.

Because you never let me fly.

You wrap chains around my feet,

And attach a leash to my neck.

I feel like one of those kids that are held back by a backpack.

When will you let me live?

When will you finally live up to your words,

So that I can actually believe you.

When you say I’m old enough,

But you never show it.

You still treat me like a baby bird.

I need to fly.

Let me fly.

I can never learn if I never fly.

Please trust me,

When have I ever proven you wrong?

Please, let me fly.


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