Embrace Yourself.

I don’t think anything is worse than being something, someone that you’re not. In my lifetime, I considered being something that I am not, just to please someone else. I considered it. But then I figure out… if I’m going to be someone else then I am just lying to myself. And I think that that is worse than someone else lying to me. I have been so scared to be myself these past couple of years. I’ve been scared of people judging me and treating me like I’m of less value to them. But, why should I be scared of people who don’t know me at all? Why should I worry about one’s opinion of me when I know that I’m capable enough? But I don’t think anything is scarier than being something you’re not. How can you be happy when you’re living a lie? Whenever I hear the words “life” and “aspiration” together I think of happiness.

What is my life aspiration in life?


Embrace yourself. And learn to be someone that you aspire to be, because in the end that is the person that you are going to die with. And if you don’t learn to love who you are, how can you love someone else?


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