The Past

Remembering the past is like an uninvited party guest. It’s surprising and uncalled for. The past scares me sometimes. The people that I remember from the past who aren’t with me currently. That scares me. Because you start thinking of who they were when you still liked and talked to them. How their personality was like. All the jokes they told you. Why they were in your life in the first place. What they were like before they “changed.” Things change. It scares me sometimes.

The past is also uncalled for. Like those really really embarrassing things that we forced ourselves to forget suddenly come rushing back. That is very uncalled for. Let’s  not forget, all the times we cried over something stupid or meaningless. Especially those angry tantrums we had towards family and friends, yep we remember them. Remembering the past bring back a truck load of emotions. Our minds remember things that maybe we forgot from our past and it’s scary, because it all comes rushing back.

All the memories, all the joy and the sadness. And we can’t stop it because it’s our mind, it’s always running. No matter what, it’s gonna remember something. The past is the past. Sadly, we can’t go back and change it. But, we can remember it for what it was. Also thank goodness that it’s over with and in the past.


2 thoughts on “The Past

  1. I love the way you ended the post – ‘thank goodness that it’s over with and in the past.’ because there are things in all our lives which we are glad that they are over with and we have an option to move on and start fresh. 🙂

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