An Old Friendship Comes Alive

So my aunt’s wedding was yesterday. And there were a bunch of people I knew. But there was someone who stood out. One of my old friends. Yep, old. We haven’t talked for like 3 years. We kind of had a little fallout. Me, her, and my 3 other best friends were like the group. The 5 of us. Then she went to a new school and she just stopped keeping in touch with all of us and she stopped texting us. Then she kind of changed. She turned to some bad things that I would never consider in my lifetime. So we just kind of separated. Then yesterday I saw her at the wedding. I felt weird. Because I didn’t really want her to talk to me to be honest. Because you know she was my ex friend.

So I just went along with the night. Went to the reception. I never really saw her at the reception except for like a few short glances. Then when the night was over and my family and I were leaving I got up out of my seat. And for some reason I never saw her come up to me and she was like surprised to see me. I didn’t really recognize the emotion on her face. We hugged. Well she hugged me I was still kind of in shock that she came up to me. And while I was hugging her I kind of gave this look to my brother like “What is she doing.” Then she said “Let me give you my number so I can text you.” And so she put her number in my phone. While she was doing that I was thinking I don’t want your number. I don’t want to text you. I probably sound like the worst person right now writing this. But she hurt me at one point in my life and I just didn’t want any contact with her. When I saw the number she put into my phone I recognized that it was the same number she had 3 years ago. Then accidentally, I swear it was an accident. I mistakenly pressed the back button on my phone. And the number erased. But I remembered the number.I don’t think I ever really forgot it.

I had an alternative. I could text her. Or if I ever were to see her again I could just tell her the truth that the number went away. I didn’t know what to do.

M brother and I got in the car and he asked me questions about her. He asked “So has it been a while since you last saw her.” I told him “Yeah.” Then I said “I don’t want to text her.” He asked me “Why not? Did she like call you something bad or something?” What my brother said had me thinking. She never did anything like that. She just stopped texting me. I considered giving her a chance. It has been 3 years and she sincerely wanted to reconnect. She sincerely hugged me. If I didn’t text her it would ruin me. I would wonder what would happen. I would feel guilty. So guilty. I’m a nice person. I forgive people. Even ones who don’t deserve forgiveness. So I texted one of the three best friends I mentioned earlier and I told her about our old friend. She told me that I would be doing the right thing texting her.

I put in the familiar number in my phone and texted it. She immediately texted back. It was so fast the phone didn’t even lock, or was close to locking. And i realized something. Life is way too short to hold a grudge against someone. Second chances are given for a reason. Maybe you don’t talk to someone for a very good reason. But now that you think about it, the reason becomes so little. And the anger just fades away. If they hurt you again, then you’ll be prepared and you were the bigger person because you gave them a second chance. You’ll grow into a very good person. From yesterday I’m still talking to her now. And she gave me some really good advice on guys and she made me realize some stuff that I didn’t even begin to comprehend. I think she’s a better person now. I’m glad I gave her a chance. My guilt is guiltless.


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