Little Symbol of Hope

I always draw this heart on my wrist in pen. I’ve been drawing it since 7th grade. It’s always had a special purpose to me. I used to draw it on my wrist so much that my friends would get used to seeing it there. I always knew why I drew it. But I could never put into words why I almost always put it there. I didn’t draw it on everyday, but I put it on most days. Back in 7th grade I think I put it on because of boys, for hope and faith that they would talk to me. But the heart got more complex then some guy that I hoped would talk to me.

The meaning behind the heart became something more. I started drawing the heart on my wrist because I was broken. Hearts were always cool to me. It was my favorite shape and symbol. I literally have a board on pinterest that’s just based on hearts. Leaves shaped like hearts, heart decorations, simple hearts.. Hearts gave/give me hope. I don’t really remember the exact day I first started drawing it, but it just happened. I drew a heart on my wrist. And whatever that day had to bring me, happiness or sadness I could just look at the heart. My little symbol of hope.

The heart reminds me that everything’s gonna be ok, no matter what. Sometimes, I would plan on a bad day so I would just draw it in the morning. I would draw the heart on my good days too, but only sometimes. If something bad happens that day and the heart is on my wrist I would rub my thumb over the heart to remind myself that it’s there. Today, I put three words around the heart. Broken, happy, and hope. Those are the three words that mean the most to me when I draw this heart. But most of all it’s my little symbol of hope. I’ve finally put the meaning of the heart into words.


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