Genuine Guys and Not So Genuine Guys

Have you ever wanted to be alone with a guy that you know so that you can just freely punch him in the face.

“Well that took a turn.”

I’m not even kidding. I mean there might be some really genuine guys out there somewhere. I don’t know any of them, but they’re there. If I don’t know you and you’re a guy, I’m not really talking to you. This isn’t a post meant to offend you, if you’re a guy reading this. The focus of this blog post is that I don’t know any genuine guys. None. At all. Not all guys are like that. So there’s hope. But most of the ones I know are the opposite of genuine.

The ones I know are self-involved, egotistical, ignorant, selfish, rude, cocky, lying, players. That pretty much sums it all up. These guys don’t care about your feelings at all. They lie to you, which is one slash to the heart. They make you feel special, when you’re actually just girl #27. That’s two. They only notice you when they want to notice you. That’s three. Three slashes and the heart is out. Why do they act like this? I don’t know. Why do they make you believe that they’re actually interested in you? I wish I knew. And the platonic guy relationships? They’re even worse. You want to have a civil conversation, but that doesn’t happen when they can’t even reply to your text messages. That’s just plain mean.

I could name all the guys involved in my life who fit these descriptions.

#1: A guy who made me feel special, made me smile, and have butterflies. He made me become interested in him and have feelings for him. I didn’t like him for his looks, he made me like him with his personality and his interest in him. Turns out he was only stringing me along. He never really cared about me. He only made me believe that he did, when he didn’t. I thought he might’ve liked me, but he didn’t. You guys know him pretty well. Aka “the guy I always talk about.”

#2: A guy who I only wanted to be friends with. It seemed like that in real life. We would make jokes and hang out like casual friends. But, when we would text he freaked me out. He started flirting with me over text calling me cute and stuff. He got the message that he freaked me out over text and then he just started to act really mean and started making jokes about me. I wanted to go back to normal after the whole texting thing, but he didn’t want to be friends with me. Turns out, one of my friends told this guy that I liked him. But I didn’t. And this guy thought he could “get me.” Like it was all that easy.

#3: Then there’s the guy who told guy #2 that I liked him. This guy was just a platonic relationship. This guy was like my brother. I even told him about guy #1. Well, you know one flaw. This guy told #2 that I liked him. When I didn’t. I went to this guy telling him that #2 freaked me out, and kept freaking me out. What did he do. He misinterpreted the words freaked and liked. He told me that he never told #2 that I liked him. But I didn’t believe him. Because I knew he was lying to me. This guy also doesn’t let go of the fact that I used to like #1. He also acts like he doesn’t care about our friendship. He rarely talks to me anymore.

#4: There’s a guy who only talks to me in English class. Only. Nowhere else. Once we sat next to each other in our advisory class. Didn’t say anything. Nothing.

#5: This guy is a really good friend. But he doesn’t understand that I don’t want  anything but a platonic relationship with him. Once this guy called me over to him and his friend to only say hello. When I said hi and as I was walking away, I could hear him and his friend hollering and laughing.

That’s the only 5 that I could think of. All of them were really cocky, rude, and self-involved. All of them are pretty much players. Which sucks, being special isn’t even a possibility now. Some were nice, but sometimes that was a ruse. The guys who were genuinely nice turned out to not care a thing about me. I didn’t really describe those qualities. Cocky, rude, self-involved. But they were there. And those qualities always made me wonder if there are any genuine guys out there. Guys that didn’t start misleading signals and signs. Guys that didn’t give up on you on the first bad or scary thing in your life.

Being really honest here. Sometimes I think back on the past, of all the roadblocks with guys that I’ve had. And I really want to punch these guys sometimes. For making me feel unwanted, freaked out, making me feel like I should grow accustomed to their qualities and just accept that they don’t care at all. Make me believe that there are only players out there. I should just grow to get used to this.

But I know that not all guys are like this. There are really genuine guys out there. Really. They are the ones you should wait for. You should wait for the guy who makes you feel like a princess. And wait for the guy who wants to platonic-ally be your lifelong best friend. You just have to stop searching for them and be patient. You can search, but believe me it’s gonna suck the power out of you. So just be patient. He’ll come to you. And people really do change. Some even for the better. And sometimes you have to be that change in their lives.


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