Hello Sophomore

So today was the first day of my sophomore year of high school. It was a little better than the first day of freshman year. Because this time I actually knew where the rooms were without massive help. And I didn’t have confusion written all over my face (But I got maybe a bit lost, hey don’t blame me it’s a huge public school). So… Emotions?

Well, I didn’t get enough sleep last night because your body always seems to not be tired on the night before the first day of school.

The skinny jeans I wore were suddenly not the best idea for a gymnasium that had no AC. None. AT ALL. But I survived. MY classes seemed ok. But I don’t really know anyone.  And none of my friends are in my classes, barely anyone I know are in them.  That was kind of a downer. But hey, we still have lunch together.

Sophomore year wasn’t anything I expected. Although, I didn’t really expect much.

Teachers? Well it was only an odd day. 1st Period, not really sure yet. Because the teacher pretty much has to take care of over 50 kids (Dance class). Which is weird because I’m pretty sure I don’t even have a definition of the word rhythm. But it seemed like the less grueling with my asthma so I hope I survive. 3rd period was geometry, I might not like this teacher. Assigned seats. And guess who was the first person she called on to solve the problem? But it’s good I knew to use distributive property, thank goodness math isn’t my worst subject. 5th period, the teacher seemed very likable. He made a couple of jokes that were funny. And our class had an interesting discussion with him. 7th period. Spanish. The teacher seems nice. But I was more worried that I kind of forgot all my Spanish from last year…. the only thing I knew completely was “Me llamo Rebecca.” Well it’s a good thing that I kept my notes from last year.

Well yeah that was pretty much my day. But I’m kind of sad because our whole county had a time change of 20 minutes. So we go to school 20 minutes earlier than last year and dismissal is 20 minutes later than last year. And I get home at like 2:45. And I don’t get to see my dad because he leaves for work at 2:30 and he comes back at 12:00. So that’s kind of sad because I was getting used to seeing him after school. Getting used to because before high school, during middle school and elementary school I came home at 3:00. So I never really saw him except in the morning and on weekends. Because he’s off on the weekends. But he’s doing it all for us, because my mom doesn’t really work because of her condition and she takes a lot of medicine. But I really just appreciate my parents. Wow this post turned sappy. But if you’re into the sappiness, my brother just had his FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE TODAY. It made me realize that him and I really are growing up. I’m not in middle school anymore, and he’s not in high school .Time is going by quickly.

But anyway, sophomore year is gonna be a roller coaster. I haven’t even had a glimpse of an even day, because even days are tomorrow. Wish me luck. If you read this post, thank you. I just really felt that I was ranting on about my life that’s not really interesting but hey, I love writing.


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