Sophomore Year: Day 2

Well like I said in my last post, today was an even day. We had our even classes. And I don’t know why, but it was like I had bad bad bad bad bad luck on my shoulder.

So my day started off with advisory class. Advisory is like where you get everything your schedule, information about school, just like stuff to help you every 2 weeks or so. So yeah, and advisory had this like example fire drill. So when the alarm goes off the teacher says to go and she’ll meet up with us. Some girls and I exited the class first and then other classes emerged. And I got so confused. So I just followed the few girls. But no one from advisory was there. Apparently there were on like the other side of the field, but no one told me that. Don’t worry I got there before the teacher called my name out. But it still sucked.

Then I went to my 2nd period class. Child Development. I signed up for this class not even knowing what it exactly was. It just sounded interesting. But apparently it’s a career pathway course. Pathways to careers that I don’t even want. Nurse, Pediatrician, Teacher. This is like scarring to me. Because ok we’re Indian and you probably hear that Indians either become a nurse or a lawyer. But I don’t wanna be anything near a doctor. But my dad is so bent on me becoming a pediatrician he’s all like “You’re going to Loma Linda when you grow up.” (Loma Linda is like a nursing school or something like that) And it’s just like I’m giving into the thing I don’t wanna be. I could never be a doctor, I get sick really easily and I hate needles so much. Anyway, yeah that’s why I don’t like child development. It just feels all weird being in that class. Like I’m betraying myself. So hopefully, I can be able to switch classes.

Then 4th period. Which is English. OH MY GOSH. English is the only class where one of my friends is. That was relieving. We hugged, it was nice. I love hugs so much (Lol I’ll probably write a post on it someday). But not to be mean but the teacher was kind of boring. I’m sorry, but I speak my mind. But she seemed nice. Except, ok so we had to do summer notes over the summer over a book of our choosing. So I have my hand-written notes, but she wants us to have a hard copy and type them up to send them to her to make sure we didn’t plagiarize. Really? That is so much work. And I wrote so much on my notes, ok maybe not so much but it doesn’t seem necessary since I have hand-written notes in my hand. Maybe this is some foreshadowing. Because we got this pamphlet on our summer reading directions and it said “Please type or hand write in black or blue pen.” And I was like “Typing? Yeah right. I’m gonna hand write this……………………………………………………………………..” Yeah. and now a week later look what happens. And we have to make a speech on our summer book, so that’s not fun. Idk I used to be unfazed by presentations. I used to never worry about them. Now here I am, scared to death. DEATH. I really don’t know what happened.

Then 5th period comes, 5th is everyday, which is biology. It’s kind of fun. We had this ice breaker activity. I met some people, which was nice. Then we watched funny chemistry lab fails concerning lab safety so that was fun, biology is like my day savior.

6th period was lunch. And that’s when I realized that I was having the worst day ever. And the bad luck got worse. I was eating a french fry then suddenly there was ketchup. In my hair. Please don’t ask.

History came. I thought it was gonna be bad but to be honest it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be. Except for the fact that guy #2 the same guy from my genuine guys post was in that class. Which didn’t make sense because he’s a senior in 10th grade Government. But it’s none of my business. I tried to not notice him but he cursedly saw me… but the class wasn’t bad. All class we were just playing these introduction games so I got a good ending to my mostly horrible day.

So yeah this was my day… I hope my counselor will switch me out of that class. Because last time I asked for a switch it didn’t work out… and the presentation… let’s see what happens with that.


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