Two Special Events

Well 2 very important events that strike close to me just came.

Suicide Prevention Day and 9/11

I’m a day late for Suicide Prevention day, September 10. But I thought I should still write a post on it because it’s such a personal subject for me. As you know my blog’s name is hopelesslystrong. When you say that you don’t think happy thoughts do you? Yeah, I’m broken. I even contemplate dying or worse. Because life isn’t fulfilled enough for me. I’m not happy. It’s like I’m a little ant in a world full of giants. Sometimes life gets too much for me. But I could never take my life. I could just never do that to me. But people contemplate it every day, and I might not know you. But trust me, I know what it feels like. To feel like you’re completely alone. No one loves you. Trust me, there’s gonna be at least one person crying at your funeral. Please tell me you’re gonna be strong enough to fight this world. It gets hard as hell sometimes, but don’t let life win. Overcome it. If you ever get suicidal there are people willing to help and listen here: . Please don’t ever feel like you’re alone because you’re not. If you think no one thinks your life is worth living, I think it’s worth living. Sincerely the girl who always has to draw a heart on her wrist to remember to stay strong.

9/11 was today, September 11. I wasn’t there in New York on September 11. I was just a baby. I didn’t even know what it was until in sixth grade, my teacher explained it to our whole class. As soon as I hear it I just felt heartbroken. This is the world that we’re living in. Families were broken and people were taken away. I remember when someone really close to me died and I couldn’t even function for 3 months. If you lost someone, I don’t even know what you’re feeling. But if 14 years later, you’re strong I literally applaud you. You should know that they left the world working so damn hard. I wish I knew why things like this happen, but I don’t. What I do know is that there’s a whole nation remembering this day and praying for everyone who’s lost someone. This proves that you’re never alone in your sadness.

You’re never alone. Never. September 10 and 11 prove that you’re never alone. Just look in the mirror and tell yourself “I’m alright, I’m still standing.” It’ll make your whole day.


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