Moments of Impact

Have you ever had a movie quote that just stays sitting in your brain. You might know the full quote it might just be paraphrased in your head. Either way it’s there. It sticks in your brain. Somehow you always manage to remember it. Other than basic Disney movie quotes that you remember from childhood, this quote helps you throughout life. I have a quote that I always seem to remember. It’s a quote from the movie The Vow starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. Have you heard of the movie? Well the quote I always remember is from Channing Tatum’s character Leo saying…

Life’s all about moments, of impact and how they change our lives forever.

I just love this quote so much. I don’t even know why. I only saw this movie once and it was back when I was in like 7th grade? So I really don’t even know how I remembered this quote. But I just always remember it. But I don’t really remember the full quote. It’s just when something big or even little happens I just say to myself “And that was the moment of impact.” We all have moments of impact. Whether it’s getting like an A or saying hi to someone you haven’t seen in a few years. But moments of impact seem like they’re more than that. It seems like singing in front of a bunch of people, experiencing something unbelievably real. Moments of impact change our lives forever. They make us who we are. In the movie Paige and Leo are in a traumatic car accident, that’s their moment of impact. Everything seems to change and throughout the movie you see the development and the growth. I just love this quote so much. It’s not that long but it contains so much meaning. Moments of impact. Whenever I think of that I see something big in my mind. Impact. A strong effect. It’s so complex, it’s hard to explain. But you see where I’m going. We all have our moment of impact. I’ll probably remember this quote for the rest of my life. It’s just so special to me. I love movie quotes so much, the fact that a scriptwriter has the power to unveil your truest emotions through a screen. I wish I could keep movie quotes etched into my brain but sadly we can’t remember all of them. Even though we might not remember all the inspirational movie quotes, we’ll probably be so impacted by them we won’t even know it. Do you have a favorite movie quote? What’s yours?


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