Music Update

So I thought I should open out this blog to more things. That thing is.. music! I love music so much. I play music, sing, write songs, listen to it. Music is literally my life. So I thought I should share my music of the week. I’m always obsessed with a new song each week. So I thought I should share something really cool from me to you. I might do this a lot I might not, but let’s see where it goes. Hope you listen to it!

On another music related note. At school, there was an activity fair. Which is when my school introduces all the clubs so the students can sign up for them. I signed up for this Concert Series club. When the club plays music/instruments. My friend persuaded me to do it, and another friend is encouraging me to do it. I just, I don’t know. I really want to do it. But I don’t know if I’m going to enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, I love performing so much and the feeling of it, almost beats nothing else. But it’s been kind of hard for me to be happy and excited about stuff in my life because I’ve been having bad days almost everyday. Most of them are full of crap. And I don’t know if I can be happy about this. I want to be happy but I don’t want to be disappointed, because my heart has been through so much the past days. I don’t think I can be let down again. I just don’t know. Well auditions are Tuesday and Wednesday and I have no idea what to sing so I’m going to prepare, praying and hoping for the best.


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