Praying for Happiness

I remember once my church gave us this calendar paper to pray for someone every day of the month, back in March. And give a reason as to why you’re praying for them. I always wrote one for someone special to me. Cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, and family.

I looked back at it today. And on everyone’s I wrote about, I wished them to be happy. Literally everyone I wrote for them to be happy. And right now happiness is a touchy subject for me. I want nothing more to be happy and stay that way. Somehow, I knew what I was talking about back in March. Even though I don’t remember always writing “To be happy.” Happiness is very personal, believe it or not. Happiness should be cherished. But if we had too much happiness we wouldn’t even know what it was or cherish it. Right? I hope this whole world could be filled with happiness. But sadly, here comes the reality of the world. Pain, sorrow, sadness, failure. Life isn’t at all what it seems to be in movies or TV shows.

Happiness should be cherished. You should never intentionally remove a smile from a person’s face, because you don’t even know the hell that they’ve been through to get that perfect, tooth-filled grin on their face. So don’t even think about removing it. So right now, I hope that you’re happy. And I hope you stay that way for centuries.


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