Should’ve known

Wow. I should’ve known.

I should’ve known from the moment the insults were getting excessive.

I should’ve known the moment assumptions were made.

I should’ve known the moment you made me feel like society makes me feel.

Why am I trying to prove myself to you. Being friends should make you believe me. But sometimes you never did. I always had to tell you about my personality but you never believed that I could be something other than what you thought.

Do you not know me at all? I am in no way like that. You don’t even know when my birthday is.

How can I call us friends? When we haven’t even scratched the surface.

I should’ve known when you first called me stupid. But to you it was just your way of froendly insults. Even though it hurt me for days.

I mean friends share insulting, not really insulting comments sometimes only to tease you, because they love you. But your comments were excessive. That you start to take it personally sometimes.

I got over that.

But the moment you make assumptions about my actions it gets really personal.

I should’ve known.

Only time will tell where this leads.


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