Music Friday..?

So Music Friday might become a thing on my page. I figured if I was gonna start giving you guys a taste of my music I should do it weekly on a certain day. I thought maybe go with an acronym like Music Monday (corny I know lol) but that didn’t really work out. So why not Friday? The big drop off into the weekend. So today my music recommendation is this song…

So fun fact. I auditioned into the club that I was talking about last week with this song. And I really don’t know if I did good or bad. The guitar I picked up from the music room, one of the strings sounded really bad and I didn’t fully realize until during my audition. And the judges were extremely nice so I don’t even know how to know how I did by their reaction. So I really hope I did good. Results are next week and I’m still having anxiety. Well that’s all hope you like this week’s song and have a great weekend.


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