Put Down the Phone

Wow, I feel like I haven’t written in ages. I’ve been extremely busy this week with school and school and school. This week our school took the PSAT, which drained the life out of me. Literally. And I’ve been meaning to write a post but it was always super late so I figure it was better for myself to sleep. But on to the actual message of this post.

I literally have this sticky note on my computer (not an actual sticky note, the computer program Sticky Notes) about blog post ideas and counting today there are 6. So let’s see what today’s post is…

It’s Music Friday, so there’s going to be music at the end of this post. And I want to talk about what happened to me yesterday.

So I was feeling really down for personal reasons, and I was sad throughout the day. So I thought “Hey maybe everything will be ok at lunch with my friends.” But it wasn’t really ok. One of my friends was talking to someone else about something I didn’t even know of. So it was hard to pipe in. And my friend’s sister hates me. I’m not exaggerating, she hates me. I was sitting on the bench outside of school once and I saw her but she didn’t see me see her. And I figure she saw me because next thing I know she’s on the other side of the parking lot, outside of our school. So there’s that. And no one was really talking to me at lunch. And my other friends were getting lunch so my phone had to be my companion for the lunch period.

So after my school club was finished for the day I thought, yeah this day was crap but at least there’s no school tomorrow. Who knew that that wasn’t what I was going to be thinking when I went to bed. After my club finished my friend texted me that there was a soccer game at our old school. My friend’s dad is a coach so she’s always helping out. And you would literally do anything to see your friends, no matter what. You never realize how much you will work to see your friends until you have been away from them for a long time. So me and another friend of ours went to see our friend at the soccer game. And it was the best thing that happened to me that whole day. We all talked. We remembered old times. We talked about life. We laughed. We watched the game. We played on our old playground, maybe it’s childish but I mean who doesn’t embrace their inner child once in a while.

It was so refreshing. At lunch I was ATTACHED to my phone. But when I was with my friends I forgot my phone even existed. It’s so good to be next to people who make you forget about your phone. And who knew that my day would turn into the most fun day ever. I could breathe with my old group of friends. And I saw one of my old teachers and other people that just made it feel like home. I was happy. I was happy for once. I wasn’t even thinking of my broken parts. I got what I wished for. I know where my happiness lies. I was happy. My happiness lies with my friends. The friends who have been there since forever. I never have to worry what they think of me, because they’ll accept me for who I am. And I just feel that I can breathe with them.

So I hope that there are people in your life who will make you forget that you have a phone. And if there aren’t, go find them.


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