Stone Cold

So today’s music recommendation is…

There’s multiple reasons why I picked this song.

  • One. Because it’s Demi Lovato
  • Two. It’s off her amazing new album which you should check out, (wink, wink) lol.
  • Three. It’s a live in studio video so you can actually feel the real raw, emotion.
  • This song has so many relatable lyrics.

This song has a really good message and it’s really relatable song at the moment. There are so many relatable lyrics in this song, like I mentioned before, and I’m going to explain the depth of the lyrics and what it means to me.

God knows I tried to feel
Happy for you

I really like this line. Because above all I really want I really want him to be happy. Even though his happiness doesn’t involve me. All I really want is his happiness and for him to be him and me to be me.

If happy is her, I’m happy for you

This is the most relatable part for me. I really had to understand why he had a girlfriend. I mean I know why, but why. Then I understood, she probably gave him happiness. It took me some time to realize it and accept it. But if he’s happy with her then everything’s ok. If he’s happy, then that’s good.

I’ll take the pain
Give me the truth, me and my heart
We’ll make it through

Then this line. In the end it’s always my heart and I. The duo. We’ve been through a lot. But whatever life throws our way, we can make it through.

I really love this song and it has so much meaning. I hope you listen to it and hope that it might have an impact on you too. Or you just really love the song.


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