This Century

This century really pisses me off sometimes.

We’ve gotten so accustomed to our phones that it’s ruining us, even if we don’t notice that it is.

At the beginning of the school year there was this fight in my school. The table I sat at gave me the view of the fight from beginning to end. It didn’t even look like a fight at the beginning it just looked like 2 guys playing around. But then the fight progressed and it got more serious. What did everyone do? They helped break up the fight.


That’s not right.

What did everyone do? They pulled out their phones to record the fight. Absolutely no one helped break up the fight. The only reason people rushed to the fight was to see it, not break it up. What is the advantage of recording it on your phone? What, are you going to watch it later for your own benefit? Are you going to post it on social media to gain more likes and followers? This is why this century pisses me off. We went from helping each other during trouble to recording through a screen. It’s sad.

Don’t even get me started on dancing. I was watching one of my favorite TV shows and there was this scene where the character says something like “I never understood why my parents are always going on about this ball and that ball. What’s the big deal about these things?” Ball as in a large formal gathering for social dancing. After the character said that the camera panned over a view of people in elegant dresses dancing. I guess the audience was supposed to feel what the big deal was when the camera showed an angle of the ball. I never really understood it when I was watching. I never really got the effect of “Oh I get what the big deal is.” I didn’t understand it until my school’s newspaper published an article about the homecoming dance that I fortunately didn’t go to. The article talked about vulgar dancing and how it’s “natural” to dance that way. No. How did we end up there? It’s so sad. They emphasize dancing at balls on TV and in some movies and I mean I never got the gist and magical feeling of it. Because seeing all the waltzing and the classical music seemed old-fashioned and it would be weird to like it. But it’s what I want now. I don’t want what our world considers “dancing” today. I mean I’m not bashing all dances today. But when I saw that article about homecoming involving grinding and how it’s natural for a guy to come up to a girl and just dance with them like that. It’s disgusting.

I want to see the world. But not through another screen.

I want to have a first dance. But not with some stranger. And definitely not that way.

I want to have hope for a better world.

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