Time Portal to the Past

The past is an old friend.

We reminisce. We laugh. We cry.

But sometimes I forget about it and remember the here and now.

I miss it sometimes.

Most times, it’s like a slap to the face of how much life has changed.

The past held so much happiness that I didn’t cherish.

But if I was given the chance to go back into the past and relive it.. I would choose not to. I was happy in the past, I saw people I loved everyday. I had a place to fit in. I didn’t seem lost. But if I was given the chance to go into this time portal back to the past I wouldn’t take it.

Everything I’ve learned would vanish. I wouldn’t know that the people I’m friends with would hurt me one day. I would lose all my morals, all my strength all my growth. Going back doesn’t sound fun. Well some of it sounds fun, to go back to fun memories. But what about after it’s all over? Would it really be as fun as I thought?

I don’t think I would go back to a place where favorite songs are unwritten. Where memories are erased. Where movies are still ideas. Where the truth is untold.

The past is a memory, and it should stay that way.


3 thoughts on “Time Portal to the Past

    • Same here. The happiness from my past can’t even compare to my present. But we have to experience crap to be able to grow and learn. We have to hold hope that everything will be ok in the end 🙂 Maybe the happiness from our past might not be able to compare to the happiness that is set for us in the future.

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