My Hero.

That street light that looks so small but provides so much is my hero.

That rainbow in the sky is my hero.

That stranger providing a teenager with a compliment is my hero.

The smile of anyone is my hero.

Uncontrollable laughter is my hero.

Music is my hero.

That picture is my hero.

The tears on my face, showing me I’m feeling something, are my heroes.

That winter jacket that makes me look like a marshmallow is my hero.

The crappy food my school serves at lunch is my hero.

Those set of swings providing freedom are my heroes.

That book holding promises and hope is my hero.

The pen that reminds me of something on my wrist is my hero.

That show I can look forward to every week is my hero.

Disney movies are my hero.

Those blankets on my unmade bed are my heroes.

People that don’t even know I exist, but have helped me exist are my heroes.

People that love me not matter what are my heroes.

Those pair of glasses that provide me vision are my heroes.

The home that is always there for me when I come back is my hero.

The ability to remember is my hero.

The sunrise is my hero. So is the sunset.

My alarm clock is my hero. It shows I was given another day of life.

My thoughts are my heroes. What I think. Who I think about. How I think.

My prayers are my heroes. What I pray. Who I pray to. Who I pray about.

My love is my hero. Who I love. How I love. How I know what love is.

That guy in a cape on my TV is a work of fiction, nothing but imaginary. Imaginary is amazing. But sometimes we have to look beyond the cape.

(Music Friday is my hero)


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