Christmas Spirit

I feel like this year I have no Christmas Spirit.

I mean I love looking at all the lights that everyone put up and I’m urging my dad to take the Christmas ornaments out of the attic.

But I feel like I really can’t enjoy the days leading to Christmas. Because of school.

I want to watch all the Christmas movies on TV but I can’t because I have some project to do.

And I feel like I’m going to miss the progress of Christmas. And it’s really sad.

The only day I’m going to be free of stress is the day before Christmas, which is when break starts for me.

School has officially clipped my Christmas wings off.

I’m not holly or jolly. I’m stressed and oppressed.

I mean I guess some people balance Christmas and school/work.

But my seesaw is just becoming piled and piled, so piled that the other side of the seesaw doesn’t even have Christmas anymore. It just has overflowed stressed.

I mean does anyone else feel like they’re missing out on Christmas or is it just me being an overthinker?

It just really doesn’t feel like Christmas to me.

I even forget sometimes until Christmas songs play on the radio.

Guys, this is really sad.

I feel like I need to urge myself to watch Christmas movies on replay but the school side of my brain is like “Nope.”

I think it’s time I need to go find a reindeer to get in the Holiday spirit.


11 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit

  1. I’m not really in the holiday spirit either, so I feel your pain. I did watch Love, Actually for the first time yesterday, though, and that was surprisingly good. Cute blog, by the way 🙂 -rosie

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