Lunch Time

High school.

Imagine it’s lunch time and you’re sitting at the regular table for lunch.

Some of your friends aren’t at the table.

The people that are at the table start leaving one by one.

You think that maybe they’re going to make up work or talk to a teacher about something.

Then you figure out they’re all just sitting in a room in the library without you.

No one told you they were in the library.

They’re not even in the library to do work.

Imagine one of them felt bad for you because one of them saw you at the regular table alone. So the person who saw you tells you to come to the library. That’s when you figure it all out.

But you weren’t an invite. You were a sob story.

The next few days of the week you think that they’re gonna come to the table. Or invite you to come to the library

But they don’t.

And you just feel like you’re filling yourself with false hope.

You would sit with other friends, but they don’t have the same lunch.

How would you feel? Exactly.


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