People Give Us “The Feels”

Change was one of my “words” last year.

Words as in it was something I thought of everyday. Like I think of happiness and strength every day.

I always thought change was truly bad.

One of those bad changes were people changing. I used to think that people changed, now I don’t think that’s 100% true. I mean people change, but they don’t change change.

I don’t really believe people change into another person. I think they’re just showing you the real version of themselves. They’re not changing, they’re maturing. They’re becoming the person they were unsure of becoming in the past.

Change in a person isn’t always sunshine-y. When is it ever?

It’s different. That’s not the person that you know anymore. It feels like someone different.

When I was in 8th grade I had this friend and we were friends almost all our lives. We almost had a big fallout because of change. She started having an attitude and started becoming closed in. She started hanging out with other people. She wasn’t changing. My friends thought she was changing. I thought that she was becoming the person she always was, but never showed.

It wasn’t a pretty change to be honest.

I wished that she would turn back into the person I knew. But that never happens.

A person is never the same person that you first got to know. They change from that first interaction, that first conversation you had.

I think that change determines the status of your friendship/relationship forever.

Whether they’re going to stay in your life forever or they’re just temporary.

I think change is somewhat helpful. If it’s meant to be with that person or not. I really believe that the people in your life are there for a purpose. If they leave then they weren’t “major characters,” they were just guest stars. Guest stars don’t stay forever and they don’t really determine the progress and development of the story.

But guest stars do have an impact, they were there for a reason. Even if it was for a mini story line. I think these people help us “feel” things. Everyone makes us feel things we haven’t felt before. Sadness, anger, jealousy, happiness, joy, disappointment, loneliness, content, and love.

This is why people were put in our lives for a reason. They helped us. They helped us feel things. They helped us know more about the world. Some are still helping us. Some will always be there.

People let us feel change. That’s the only reason why we know what change is and what it “feels like.”

In a sense, people change but they don’t really. They just change into the person they never could be. Either fortunately or unfortunately, you cannot change the person they are changing into.

But whoever they change into will help you, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the moment.


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