A Heap of Sentiment

It’s so funny that we can feel sentiment over a materialistic thing.

The van.

My dad sold our van today. I mean the car had a for sale sign in the summer, then my dad decided to take it down while my aunt was staying with us. But then it returned this fall.

The feeling of sentiment never truly hit me until I was walking home from school and the van wasn’t in the driveway.

It’s never real until it actually happens.

I mean it could just be a car to someone, but to me it was the car that always held adventures. We went to New York, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia, around the block in that car. It always held adventure.

When I told my best friend about the car being sold she said “But you’ve had that car since we were in Elementary school.” Yep.

It holds so many memories.

Memories with my friends, with my family, with the movies we used to watch, with the adventures.

It’s so weird to have so many feelings over a car.

When we were brought up into this world we never thought we would feel so much sentiment over material things. And I don’t mean like selfish sentiment where something precious gets taken because you were rude or something. I mean like moving to another house and feeling sentiment over your old house.

It hurts and the sentiment never hits until the last moment.

You can never really replace it because nothing could ever replace the memories. You can never replace it but you can learn to accept it.

I probably will never see that car again, I wouldn’t even know it if I ever did see it since there are thousands of the same van.

I hope whoever my dad sold the van to is a family that makes their own set of adventures and memories.


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