2015 Lessons

Some things that I’ve learned in 2015 that I thought I should share:

  • Don’t be you for someone else, be you for you.
    • Something I learned in 2015 was don’t do things because you want to impress someone else, do it for yourself. Do your hair for yourself. Look amazing for yourself. Wear makeup for yourself. If you’re going to do something extra for you do it for you, and not for someone else.
  • To-do lists really do help.
    •   I started making to-do lists this year when I had a lot of stuff to do and they really do help. Putting a little check mark or slashing what you had to do that day made me feel really accomplished and it goes a long way. It especially helps if I can’t remember all that I had to do that day.
  • Hold on to hope.
    • I literally realized this year that hope is a majority of the reason why I’m still here and I should keep holding on to it. Some bloggers on here even told me that I should hold on to hope because it’s really special. (Thank you to everyone who gave me that advice)
  • Happiness should be cherished.
    • I never knew that I would analyze happiness so much this year. When I was little, happiness was just happiness, but now it’s so  much more than that. It’s a way of life, it’s a goal of life. It shouldn’t be taken for granted.
  • A boy isn’t my sole chance to happiness.
    • I had to learn this the hard way with the guy I always used to talk about. I don’t really talk about him anymore because there hasn’t been much to talk about concerning him. I guess that’s progress. I always thought he would give me a happiness I wouldn’t even be able to comprehend… Then I figured out that I didn’t need his hug or his “Hey,” because I have a bunch of friends who give me genuine hugs and people who say hello to me actually say “Hello” to me looking for a conversation. I really don’t need him at all.
  • Don’t bottle emotions.
    • I had to learn not to hide emotions. There were really dark places that I’ve walked into this year. I was so close to giving up this year, so so so close. But then I got the opportunity of finding new bloggers with this website who give amazing advice that I actually still keep. Without this website I think that I would still be bottling emotions and I would keep scarring myself a little bit more.
  • Cherish Every. Given. Moment.
    • Please do, because every moment had a purpose in your story. Even if it’s a heartbreaking chapter.
  • Everything will get better someday.
    • It will, no matter how cheesy it sounds. I remember at the beginning of the year I was still coping with a death of a loved one. I thought it could never get better. But it did, I now know she is in a better place where nothing can hurt her.
  • Change isn’t always bad.
    • I always thought that change was like a curse word. Change was change, what was good about change? I realized that we can’t grow without change. And we need to be able to grow to develop our stories.
  • Don’t give up on dreams.
    • Don’t let go of your dreams, no matter how crazy or impossible they might be. Strive for that dream with all your heart. Who cares what anybody else wants for you. Your dreams are what you want for yourself.
  • Don’t change yourself for anyone.
    • I considered being someone else just to please somebody else. I was actually willing to be someone that I wasn’t and it was like I was another person. Don’t be another person, be you.
  • Don’t demean yourself.
    • Don’t bring yourself down. I’m still working on this. At the end of the day out of all the people who hurt you, you are the only person that can choose not to hurt you. I think there should be at least one person in your life who will never hurt you. It’s hard finding that person. So let it be you. Don’t bring yourself down, it really doesn’t help anything, it especially doesn’t help yourself.
  • Complimenting yourself in the mirror really does help.
    • Telling yourself simple and kind words really does help. It helps you get through the day and build self-esteem. I even put sticky notes on the wall next to my mirror reminding myself to smile and keep holding on.
  • Feel what you want to feel.
    • If you’re sad cry humongous tears. If you’re happy laugh for hours. If you’re mad scream into a pillow. Feel what you want to feel, express every emotion you’re feeling. You’re allowed to feel.
  • Roadblocks don’t limit the destination.
    • Just because there’s something blocking you from your destination doesn’t mean it’s the end. It’s only the very beginning.
  • Take the jump.
    • If there is a chance given to do something bigger in your life and make it more meaningful take it. Seize the day. It’ll be worse wondering what if for the rest of your days.
  • And lastly.. To Stay Strong.
    • As it states, stay strong and keep holding on. Never give up, because there’s someone out there wanting you to hold on. I especially want you to hold on and stay strong.

8 thoughts on “2015 Lessons

  1. Wow, you’ve really learned a lot in 2015. These lessons are all so important and you’re right, you SHOULD hold on to hope, because what is life’s future without a bit of hope to keep you happy?

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