For the Moment

So today I was in the car with my dad. As we were going down streets and passing by houses I saw one thing, lights. People still had their lights out, and on. And it was so refreshing.

It’s a week after Christmas and the day of the New Year and people still have their snowmen and their Santa Clauses.

It was nice that for the moments the lights were still out.

For the moment we could still cherish it.

I mean break is pretty much over, the holiday cheer is simmering down. But for the moment nothing mattered.

Because everyone still turned their lights on, and chose not to take them down.

For the New Year. For the sake of it. Or just because they were too lazy.

Whatever it is, for the moment we can still enjoy it.

For the moment we can cherish the little moments.

By the way,  how is everyone’s first day of the year? I got an ear infection today, which sucks. I wasn’t really in the mood to get up after figuring out my ear ached. But then I saw this episode of FRIENDS where one of the characters, Ross had this whole debacle with leather pants on a date, and it turned out disastrous. And this all happened to him on the second day of the year. Even though it’s a TV show that made me feel a little better about my situation. I hope you all had a good day and don’t give up on the year because of a tiny setback. There are still 365 days (Leap year) to make it better.


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