Have you ever realized that life consists us of being constant?

We have to be constant.

What do I mean?

Well I thought of this while I was walking into the kitchen and I saw all the dishes in the skin. Everyday we have to wash the dishes, or they’ll all pile up. Everyday there is dust somewhere in the house, you can never get rid of dust. Every few days we have to clean our floors because sadly, they don’t stay clean.

This is what I mean when I say life consists us of being constant.

We constantly have to do the same thing every day because if we don’t life will fall apart.

Chores are constant. We have to do them everyday, because if we don’t our houses will just pile up with dirt.

You know what else is constant?

Love is also constant.

When we love someone we have to continually love them. One day we can’t just stop. It might happen over a period of time, but you can’t just stop loving them. When someone close to you dies you don’t stop loving them. You continually love them even when they’re not here. Because love is constant.

Our problems are constant.

Sadly they never go away, they’re always there. They bother us ever day, or every other day. They’re always there. When we think they’re gone they come back again. They’re constant.

We have to be constant. We have to wake up everyday and go somewhere where something or someone is waiting for us. Everyday we have to do something. There’s always something we wait to do at home that relieves us from the busy day we just had. We have to talk to someone every day about something. We have to wake up to the same alarm every day, and go to bed with the same haunting thoughts.

We hold the same dreams. Every day.

We have the same fears. Every day.

We look in the mirror to the same face. Every day.

Life is constant.

But it’s also constantly changing.


8 thoughts on “Constant

  1. charliiandmeg says:

    This really made me think, I guess we’re also restrained by things we feel we have to do , like go to school, go to university- even the plates piling up. To some extent our free will is possibly restricted ❤ But I guess if we didn't do all those things everyone's lives would be in a mess ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. vintagesmiles25 says:

    This is a brilliant post! you write so beautifully! I am so glad I found your blog because it is definitely one of my favourites 😀 x

    Liked by 1 person

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