Now You’re Haunting My Thoughts


I never knew thoughts could be so overwhelming… or at least I never fully realized it.

I never realized it until you came into my life.

I’m getting over you, but my mind keeps thinking about you.

I’m not even sure if I even like you anymore.

But thinking about you is like autopilot.

And I don’t know how to Make. It Stop.

It’s so annoying. When I’m just solving math problems and my mind just goes to you. And I don’t know what to do.

It’s just regular?

It’s mandatory.

I don’t know how to unthink of you.

I can’t just forget you.

I think about you everyday.

That really scares me. You might not be my first thought of the day but you’ve been a thought in my mind ever since we went on different paths.

It’s been 2 years and I can’t believe I would think so much about you.

What is my mind doing to me? I thought my mind was the most reasonable one in these situations. Definitely more sensible than the heart when it concerns you. But I never realized the mind, my mind was just like my heart.

I never thought thoughts could haunt someone this much.

Have you guys ever thought about someone so much that it kind of scares you how much they’re in your thoughts? Even if you haven’t talked to them or seen them in months? I never realized, I mean I realized, but I never realized realized. (If that makes sense) This is just a post about me realizing. It doesn’t really drive me crazy that I think about “him” everyday. It just kind of scares me that my mind is able to remember to not forget about “him.”


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