Maybe It Was the Eyes

Maybe it wasn’t your smile.

Maybe it wasn’t your words.

Maybe it wasn’t your laugh.

Maybe it was your eyes.

Maybe it was those orbs of brown that caught me.

Maybe that was what killed me.

Maybe it was every time you looked at me with them.

Stared at me with them.

Held my interest with them.

Maybe these feeling resulted from looking at them.

Maybe I heard another story looking at them.

Maybe I convinced myself looking at them.

Maybe looking into them made me think unrealistically.

Maybe they held their own universe.

Maybe I got lost in that universe.

Maybe it was always them and that’s the reason why I can never look into them when you’re around.

Maybe that’s the reason I can never look at you.

Because if I do I’ll lose myself again.

Maybe it was the eyes


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