Dear Future Me Tag

So I was nominated to do this Dear Future Me tag by Vintage Smiles and by clicking there you can see her post about it 🙂 This is kind of coincidental because a few weeks ago I was thinking about writing a letter to myself but I never got the motivation to do it. So here I go…


  1. Tag it under “dearfuturemetag”
  2. Write a letter to yourself to read again (and answer if you want) in one year
  3. Nominate other bloggers


I’m not really good at nominating people, I never know who to nominate but here are some people…

My Letter:

Dear Future Me,

Where do I start? First of all if you’re reading this that means that you held on to every thing that gives you hope.

How are you? How’s life? I guess midterm finals would be over for junior year about now. Whoa Junior year, how’d you get over that shock? I bet I know which friend you had a conversation with about “Time going fast and growing older.”

How’s 17? Do you have your permit yet? Did our brother get his license yet? People have been making jokes that I’ll get my license before him lol. I hope you’re a good driver and everything doesn’t confuse you and scare you.

By the way how’s the family?

Remember the blizzard from last year? It really is beautiful now. I’m not good at speaking in 1st and 2nd person in this perspective. Anyway, it’s two inches big now and the cars are literally being swallowed by the snow. But I love it, do you remember it?

So how’s school and all your friends? How’s junior year? I hope you’re doing amazing.

I hope your dreams are still being fulfilled and you never gave up on them to this moment. Maybe you had your big moment of singing at church?

How’s everything with him? Does he still affect you? Do you still think about him every day? It’s ok if you do. I know it’s so damn hard to get over him. I wouldn’t be upset if you still like him after 3 years. It’s never easy. If you are over him, how’d you do it? Did you finish the Miss Movin’ On Story?

Are you still in the 500’s? It’s been that way since like 8th grade.

I hope you’re happy and strong and resilient. I just hope that you’re strong and you let nothing get to you. I hope you look in the mirror and smile.

Did you cut your hair and get a new hairstyle? I really hope you didn’t let your hair grow too long. What am I saying? I know you, I know you wouldn’t let your hair grow out too long. Are you still the same height from 8th grade? I’ve pretty much given hope on growing lol, but did you prove the impossible?

How are all your TV Shows? What about Fifth Harmony? Are they still your favorite? Did you get #5H2 yet?

Oh! Did you learn bar chords yet? Or how to play with a pick. Did you replace the strings yet? Did you write a couple more songs?

Wow I have more questions then I thought I would have for you.

Well this weekend was pretty calm because of the blizzard, I really loved it. We didn’t have to go anywhere we could just stay at home for a while.

I think that’s all I want to ask/say to you, before I start rambling. But I really hope that you’re doing amazing. I hope you remember that 3 week old baby. And that memory has just made you stronger and stronger.

Love, Rebecca ♥️

Re-open on: January 23, 2017


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