2016 Blizzard w/ Pictures

So you’ve probably heard of this blizzard. They called it the Jonas Blizzard (I was literally about to type the Jonas Brothers Blizzard). Well a few states got affected by it, and I was in one of the states.

Is it bad to say that I like the snow/blizzard?

I mean I don’t like the accidents and ice on the road.

But I like the feeling of it.

It’s so beautiful outside. No one could go anywhere because it kept snowing and I thought that was kind of comforting. It was the weekend, so we didn’t really have to go anywhere. Except for church, but the service was closed since we couldn’t even see our cars anymore. It just felt homey. It didn’t snow all December, so it was kind of beautiful to watch it snow continuously for 36 hours.

The snow kind of brings me hope. I love watching the snow fall, like rain except rain doesn’t bring the beauty that is snow. Snow is like a one-way access to becoming a 7 year old again. There’s so much you can do in the snow.

The snow literally swallowed our cars, and it was about 2 inches tall. All my friends took snap chat stories of themselves knee-deep in the snow with smiles on their face. One friend even texted me that she fell in the snow. Snow is just joyful.

And it finally feels like Winter, so I’m thankful for that.

I have pictures of the snow:

Snapchat-4040745412227993802This was the first day of snow, just a few inches of snow.Snapchat-7510479468782265211This is how it looked in my backyard.Snapchat-1409468444259846492Our backyard is full of snow. This is after all the snow stopped.Snapchat-4490530130426029957All the snow piled up, you can see that it really did accumulate. If we even open that door it’s all over.


8 thoughts on “2016 Blizzard w/ Pictures

  1. I actually really like big snowstorms, as long as I don’t have to drive anywhere. It’s lots of fun to go hiking in knee-deep snow, and the woods look spectacular. When it snows a lot is the only time I don’t mind being cold (at least not that much),

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    • Same here. The snow is just really beautiful, everything looks so magical. The snow makes all the dead plants look not so dead anymore. Hiking sounds really fun, is everything slippery?


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