So many things to admire

Looking out the window

Rain falling, any colder and it’ll be snow

All of this calms my soul

Leaves, cherry blossoms, and dreams blowing in the wind

It’s reeling me in

All the clouds in the day

And the stars at night

It really is a sight to see

Sunrises and sunsets

Signaling the end and the beginning

A rainbow in the sky

A promise from the Lord

I pray to You

Hoping for more of Your beauty to admire

If we’re lucky, a glimpse of the moon.

Or falling stars, eclipses, maybe a comet or two.

In some parts of the world, an Aurora Borealis

Now they’re the lucky ones

Some days just a clear blue sky with the sun shining down

While the night brings the moon

My favorite are the stars and sunsets, everything else is a really close second

What magical things the sky has to provide

Look out your window and see


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