Why is society so hell bent on labeling people?

Why does someone have to be considered “This” or “That?”

Why can’t they just be them?

Why can’t you just understand you have to get to know the person to be able to label them.

Why do my feelings have to be labeled?

“She looks mad.”

“She looks tired.”

Who are you to say who I’m feeling? I can talk for myself, thanks.

And why do you have to put me in a circle on a Venn diagram?

Why don’t you try.. I don’t know.. Getting to know me?

Is that so hard?

Maybe then your perception will change.

Maybe then you’ll know the truth and you won’t label me as something other than what I am.

No I am not “This”

I am definitely not “That.”

I am “Me”

Getting to know me is a choice.

Getting to label me is ignorant.

“Ignorance is not bliss… It is oblivion.” -Philip Wylie


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