Worrisome Ease

Have you ever worried about something in your life?

I bet you have.

Worry brings stress, haunting thoughts, sweat stains, doubt, and worry.

Yep, worry brings worry.

What exactly is worry?

  • Give way to anxiety or unease; allow one’s mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles.

Worry happens when there is a roadblock in our destination. It happens when we’re doubtful about something we did. It happens when so many alternative possibilities cloud our mind, consume our mind, and haunt our mind.

During times of worry my mind usually thinks of so many alternative routes. This could happen. That could happen I hope this happens. I hope this doesn’t happen.

Worry Drives. Me. Crazy.

I try to stay calm during times of worry but I can’t. My mind can’t. My well-being can’t.

Worry is a horrible battle that I fight everyday.

But think about this…

Where would we be without worry?

Crazy, right?

Without worry we would be at ease.

Our lives would be pure bliss.

Exactly why we need worry.

Where would we be if our lives didn’t have worry?

We wouldn’t believe in anything. We wouldn’t learn from our mistakes. We wouldn’t even know what doubt was.

Our lives would be extremely prideful without worry.

I mean pride is great, but too much leads to chaos.

Worry builds character.

It shows us that we, ourselves, actually care about something so much to the point where we’re biting our fingernails off.

Worry give us perspective.

Without worry we wouldn’t have hope.

We wouldn’t realize how unnecessary it was to worry so much.

But that shows character. We cared so much that it was on your mind 24/7.

Life would be too easy without worry.

We would expect things to just work out and our days would be calm.

But days are never easy, they are mostly hectic.

I mean I would choose easy over hectic any day.

But easy doesn’t shape our life.

Easy doesn’t show us which route to take.

Easy doesn’t question us and depend on us to pick a path.

Easy is easy.

We  wouldn’t be making important decisions with easy.

I’m not saying that worry is amazing.

It’s horrible sometimes, but worry shapes us.

It makes us reach farther, it makes us drive past our roadblocks.

But with worry comes uneasiness.

That’s why you need to find a constant for worry.

Because worrying isn’t all that good for you. You need to find a way to control it, to make sure it doesn’t drive you completely crazy.

I found my constant for worry this week.

It was faith. Faith is the banishment of doubt, the opposite of worry.

It was knowing that I didn’t have to have doubts. It was knowing that I could trust my whole heart, not holding anything back.

It was knowing I didn’t have to have any doubts.

Because I knew. I knew I didn’t have to be afraid of worry.

I just had to find it’s “opposite companion.”

Like hate with love.

Like anger with serenity.

Like sadness with happiness.

Without worry I wouldn’t have realized all of this.

Without worry I wouldn’t have found a more definite sense of faith.

Without worry I wouldn’t have a sense of ease.


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