Uhmmm… Heart Why?

Uhmmm… Heart excuse me, what are you doing?

Why do you have to like someone?

When was the last time we didn’t like someone?


Why. Why?

Why do you always have to find someone to like?

Could we please negotiate on this?


Are you there?

Are you even listening?

Please don’t tell me you’re thinking about the guy from Government class.

You don’t even know his name.

He’s a total attention seeker.

Personality. Remember? Not looks. Personality.

What? You feel alone?

I know it’s hard but you’re not alone.

Look at that girl in the mirror, you have her.

Look at those people you see everyday, you have them.

Your friend hugged you today.

Remember that?

You have these things and it’s better appreciating them, before they’re gone.

I know it’s hard sometimes and it feels mandatory to like someone…

But you don’t have to.

Honestly you, we, don’t need it.

We can’t pick and choose.

We should focus on the more important things.

Like school and our dream.

Remember those?

We have to focus on our long term goals.

Sure it was a little heartbreaking to see people get flowers for Valentine’s Day.

But honestly, we’re not ready for that.

We don’t really need it right now.

After everything we’ve been through in the past a guy is the last thing we need.

And maybe one day someone will fit into place.

It’ll be the right time.

But for right now it’s not the right time.

I’ll be here for you.

You’ll be there for me.

We can make it through.

We can focus on the important things.

You got me, I got you.

Love, Rebecca


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