Problem Running

I used to think that if I didn’t see something it didn’t exist.

If I didn’t acknowledge the problem it didn’t exist.

But that approach was stupid.

Plain stupid.

It does exist.

It keeps existing.

If I approach the problem or not it exists.

You know I always heard people saying don’t run away from your problems.

And sometimes that’s exactly what I do.

Maybe if I run they’ll get farther away.

But it’s not true.

As long as I stay running the problem stays within me and slowly ruins me, even if I don’t know that it is.

So from now on I’m not running from my problems.

I’m confronting them.

I’m going to feel the emotions of every problem.

I’m going to go through the hardship of resolving the problem.

Or the pain of not being able to fix it.

Because if I don’t confront it, it’s going to haunt me forever.

And I really don’t want or need that.


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