Please Read and Watch

I recommend that anyone who’s reading this post watch this video.

Ronda Rousey is a UFC fighter and she was recently on The Ellen Show.

I don’t really know much about Ronda Rousey, I was just casually watching Ellen. Ronda came on TV and this interview was really heartbreaking. She recently lost one of her fights to Holly Holm.

I don’t know if any of you know Ronda, if you like her or not. Or if you don’t even know her. But this interview was really heart-breaking.

She considered committing suicide after losing a fight. I mean that might sound like nothing. I mean even I was like “But it’s just a fight?”

But actually watching this interview proves that everyone goes through a battle that people around them don’t understand.

Everybody each has their own hell that they’re going through.

I know losing a fight might not mean anything, or compare to anything you’re going through, but losing that fight was the whole world to her.

After losing that fight she had to face her opponent, face the world, and most of all face herself.

She went into that match with so many high expectations. I guess everyone was counting on her to win. And not being able to win. How do you think she felt?

I don’t even want to know what it’s like to lose and have to face the world. Most people thought she would win and she had to face the fact that she didn’t.

I think the thing  that I love most about this interview is that she actually cried and broke down, she let al her feelings go.

Imagine crying in front of an audience of people and tv cameras. Imagine crying in front of Ellen Degeneres. I don’t even like crying in front of my parents. She allowed herself to open up and she broke down.

Her job is to stay physically strong and beat the enemy. But in this moment she wasn’t strong. And that was perfectly okay. One of the strongest fighters cried. She showed her vulnerable side.

You don’t always have to show that you’re strong. You can show your vulnerable side. You’re allowed to.

Committing suicide is real. Most of us have had thoughts on suicide. Even I’ve had it. If we were to explain our reasons to suicide, there would be at least 1 person that wouldn’t understand. Because they would think it’s nothing compared to your life. But it’s everything. It’s their life. It’s what they’re going to. It’s their feelings. It might not be the same reason. But it’s the same result.

I don’t know much about Ronda, like I said before. I heard that she’s not the best role model. But this video is just idk, it spoke to me. I really hope you watch it, it’s just 6 minutes of your day.


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