The Attack

A hooded figure attacked me today.

I couldn’t see who or even what they were.

They came up behind me and covered my mouth.

I tried to remove their hand but it didn’t help.

I was shocked.

My pulse was racing and I tried to reach my phone.

I tried to call for help.

But the hooded figure seized me.

They took their hand off my mouth,

those 3 seconds I tried to run away.

I screamed.

But nobody heard me.

Could no one hear my suffering?

They caught up

and pushed me to the floor..

Helpless again.

I got up somehow.

Foggy memory.

I got up, I tried to and I did.

But what was the point?

I couldn’t get away.

And suddenly…

I couldn’t breathe.

I saw spots.

I saw darkness.

I felt even more helpless.

I didn’t know what was happening.

But I knew somehow, what was happening.

Pressure around my neck.

Their hands were grasping my neck,

cutting off my air supply.

I tried to breathe.

I tried so hard.

But I couldn’t.

I tried so hard to unmask the mysterious hooded figure.

But I couldn’t.

Whoever it was, didn’t want me to survive.

Did I do something to them?

Would I die not knowing who killed me?

Or why?

My face was turning red and more red.

I lost breath by breath.

They thought I must’ve given up by now.

I would’ve..

If they didn’t release one of their hands, holding me with one elbow suffocating my neck, less severe than with two hands.

They released to reach something.

Something in their pocket….

A gun? A knife? A cell phone?

It didn’t matter.

I took the opportunity and elbowed them in the stomach.

I turned around

I knew I couldn’t outrun them.

I knew I couldn’t call anybody in time.

I knew that that there was no one around to hear my screams.

So I figured if I was going to die, it wasn’t going to be a mystery to me.

I needed to know.

I needed to know who did this.

If there was even a chance I could get away

I would have to explain who attacked me.

So, rapidly, I unmasked the figure.

The light touched their face.


Mouth open wide.

Tears. More tears.

I couldn’t believe who I saw.

I was in shock.

Because the person staring back at me…

The hooded figure, was none other than…



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