A Name

7 letters

Hearing that name, seeing it, thinking about it all brings memories

Of You.

Seeing it everywhere.

Some classmate of mine has the same name.

Some character on TV has the same name.

Some little boy had a name tag with Your. Same. Name.

Am I going crazy?

Or am I really excessively perceiving your name through my senses?

A common name.

It’s a common name.

I guess on the list of baby names your name would be like number 1 or 2.

But why?

Why did you have to have such a common name?

Why couldn’t you have a unique name?

One that could have taken me a while to say.

Not this easy name.

One that’s literally everywhere.

Now your name is haunting me.

And the funny thing is you don’t even go by that name anymore.

At least I don’t think so.

What’s in a name?

What do you think of when you hear a name?

You think of a book, a TV show, or a movie.

You think of the way it’s pronounced.

You think of a person.

You think of memories.

You think of moments that you had with them.

Your mind suddenly goes into flashback mode.

Of the times you spent with them.

The first time you noticed, actually noticed, each other.

The laughs.

The moments that you have even forgotten, but your brain hasn’t.

The possible downfall that you had with that person, which is probably why you’re thinking of moments.

A name.

Just a bunch of letters connected together to give an identity.

That identity is matched with a face.

If you think about it, sometimes a name can bring a lot of pain.


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