I get off the bus.

I walk home.

I ring the doorbell.

I do my homework.

I text.

I get on the computer.

I take a shower.

I dry my hair.

I braid my hair.

I get dinner.

I watch my tv shows.

I play a game.

I decide my clothes for the next day.

I write a post.

I say a prayer.

I go to bed.

I brush my teeth.

I put my clothes on.

I get anxious.

I get in the car.

I see my school coming closer.

I enter school.

I go to my first class.

I wonder if there’s more to life than this.

I hope there is.

I eat lunch.

I observe.

I hope even more.

I start praying.

I go to my last class.

I get on the bus.

I go home.



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